Monday, September 9, 2013

LA-versary :: 5 Best Restaurants for Dinner in LA

To be honest, I don't go out for dinner that much. Sometimes I don't get off work until 11pm, so I bring a packed dinner from home. Others, I get off work at 6 or 7, but I'm too wiped to go anywhere -- so I also make dinner at home. See a pattern here? However, when I do get to go somewhere and sit down for my last meal of the day, it's a nice treat. I already shared my fave brunches and lunches, so here are my favorite dinners; only 5, but surely it'll grow in time. Plus, I have a boyfriend to take me on dates now. (Hint, hint...)

 photo PIZZAANTICA2.png
 photo PIZZAANTICA1.png
1) PIZZA ANTICA. Delicious pizza down by the beach. Need I say more? (Website / Yelp)

 photo BOTTEGALOUIE1.jpg
 photo BOTTEGALOUIE2.jpg
2) BOTTEGA LOUIE. Yummy pasta + macaroons downtown! (Website / Yelp)

 photo SOLYLUNA1.png
 photo SOLYLUNA2.png
 photo SOLYLUNA3.png
3) SOL Y LUNA. Best Mexican food in the USA, hands down. (Website / Yelp)

 photo OCTOPUSSUSHI1.png
 photo OCTOPUSSUSHI2.png
 photo OCTOPUSSUSHI3.png
4) OCTOPUS SUSHI. We love their spicy specialty rolls! (Website / Yelp)

5) GRANVILLE CAFE. The best place for hot sandwiches, sweet potato fries + cold beer. (Website / Yelp)

*All photos are mine except for the Bottega Louie ones, found here!
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