Sunday, September 22, 2013

LA-versary :: Giveaway from Nakate Project

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Today's giveaway is from Shanley of Nakate Project! (If you missed her guest post yesterday, go back and check it out!) I'm so excited about this, I wish I could win. She's giving away a simply beautiful bangle, handmade in Africa. Here's what Nakate is all about, from their Facebook page:

"Nakate is a social enterprise dedicated to leveraging African sustainability and upcycling through putting Uganda’s after market waste to use through unique design. Our business creates lasting economic change through hiring motivated talent from Uganda’s rural communities, and imparting values of cultural reciprocity, professionalism and personal dignity. Our idea of taking Africa with you is centered on the belief that the Africa we have experienced has to something to teach and offer brave, open, inspired women across the globe. Through the unique aesthetic we have come to love, we seek to both celebrate a part of the world that teaches us to live more deeply, and to challenge the bold adventurer that we know already lives inside of you." I love that!

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To win, complete the following steps:
1) Like Nakate Project's Facebook page.
2) Follow Nakate Project on Twitter @nakateproject.
3) Tweet the following: I'm entering to win this gorgeous bangle from @nakateproject in honor of @theloudermouth's four-year LA-versary!!

And for those of you who don't win (because there can only be one, sorry!) you get to use the following promo code for the rest of the month: LOUDERMOUTHINAFRICA. It's good for 20% off all cow horn/bone products. Enjoy! (And don't forget to enter Jessica's giveaway, too!)
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