Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lookbook :: Summer 2013

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-1.png
( San Diego, Day One )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-2.png
( San Diego, Day Two )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-3.png
( Family Staycation, Day One )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-4.png
( Family Staycation, Day Two )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-5.png
( Family Staycation, Day Three )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-6.png
( Family Staycation, Day Four )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-7.png
( California Gurls )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-8.png
( Orange County Fair )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-9.png
( Saturday Night Shenanigans )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-10.png
( Summer's End )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-11.png
( Window Shopping )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-12.png
( Pool Party )

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-summer-lookbook-13.png
( Bea Bea's )

Even though this past summer was our first full season together, Brandon and I agree that it kinda sucked; we were both broke, busy, and stressed for most of it. Nevertheless, we did have some fun times in there, and I was sure to snap photos of those moments when they came. I'm choosing to see the situation in a positive light; there's nowhere left to go but up, right?

So, to say that I'm excited for fall is an understatement. I think we're both ready for a fresh start. I'm looking forward to slowing down and spending the holidays with him. And no matter what happens, at least we'll be together. Things are looking better already! Happy autumn, everyone!
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