Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loves :: Six Summer Movies

Since we're stepping down memory lane this week (see my music faves through the years here) I've decided to continue the theme. There are certain movies that will always remind me of summer, and I'm sharing six of them with you. The season may already be over in your part of the world, but here in LA, it's still 80 degrees outside. I'm trying to squeeze in as many outdoor walks, pool parties and beach days as I can!

 photo The-Sandlot-1.jpg
1) THE SANDLOT. I haven't seen this in forever. I remember being at a sleepover when I was 10, and we were all picking who we thought was the 'hottest' guy in the movie. Ha! Back then, I didn't realize that they were just kids, and so was I. Funny how that works. Can you believe it came out 20 years ago? (photo credit)

 photo 500days.jpg
2) 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. So I know it's not technically set in summertime, but it does take place in sunny LA and hello, her name is Summer. I seriously love this movie and I've probably seen it an embarrassing amount of times. The styling, the editing, the acting, the story -- it's all tragically beautiful. (photo credit)

 photo cant-hardly-wait.jpg
3) CAN'T HARDLY WAIT. This movie is SO funny and was also watched at a sleepover back in the day. It's about the beginning of summer -- the last party after everyone graduates and before high school is over forever. It all takes place over one night, and of course, the hungover breakfast after. (photo credit)

 photo Wet-Hot-American-Summer.jpg
4) WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. It takes place at the most fucked up summer camp you'll ever wish you went to. Topics addressed include hard drugs, gay sex, and Paul Rudd. Need I say more? (photo credit)

 photo goodburger.png
5) GOOD BURGER. I'm pretty sure my sister and I rented this movie every single week from the local library. I can't believe it only has 5/10 stars on IMDB -- super underrated. We seriously loved it. And just in case you've been living under a rock your entire life, this one's premise revolves around two post-high schoolers at their sucky-turned-awesome summer job. (photo credit)

 photo say-anything3.jpg
6) SAY ANYTHING. So classic! This one reminds me of Can't Hardly Wait, except that the end-of-school shindig is at the beginning, and the rest of the movie shows what happens between the couple over the summer. It's sweet, it's sad, and it has a happy ending. Call me a sap, but I still can't resist the boombox scene. Sigh! (photo credit)
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