Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lunch :: #Loud30 Diary / Whole30 Week One

I can't believe it! I made it through my first week of Whole30! And actually, as you're reading this, I'm on day 10. That's 10 days of no sugar, alcohol, or grains -- my three favorite food groups. I'm on my way to becoming a stronger, smarter, happier and healthier person. I've learned so much in this short time, and I'm already seeing results. I only wish I had chosen to try this sooner, but I never thought in a million years that I'd actually be able to stick to it. But here we are, and I'm impressed with myself. If I do say so, myself.


DAY ONE. The boyf made me an egg scrambled with onion and spices for breakfast. I also snacked on some crunchy peas, and had sparkling water and black coffee to drink. I was a little hungover, so I wasn't crazy hungry and had zero craving for alcohol, which made it an easy breezy day. For lunch, I mixed strawberries, blueberries, and macadamia nuts into organic, whole-fat yogurt. Super yummy, and even though I tend to have dairy issues sometimes, I had zero reaction to the yogurt. This made me wonder if maybe I don't have a lactose problem; perhaps it's all the processed, unknown-crap-filled dairy I'm used to. For dinner I heated up some salmon and broccoli -- I'd made a bunch of it the day before.

DAY TWO. For breakfast I had a banana, coffee (duh), and tons of nuts (almond, walnut, cashew). I had plans to go to this pool party with Brandon later that day, so I made sure to eat dinner before I left my place. I enjoyed the salmon, broccoli and salad dish above. It filled me right up and while at the party, the only thing I consumed was kombucha. That night I headed back to the boyf's house and I raided their kitchen for things I was able to eat, like trail mix, those crunchy peas and sparkling waters. It was Labor Day and everyone was drinking around me, but I managed to resist!


DAY THREE. This day sucked, which was to be expected from what I've read. I started it off with almonds, blueberries, an apple, and coffee. About halfway through the day I started feeling sick to my stomach, as if I had the flu. I could feel my insides twisting and I had to push down feelings of nausea. I was at work most of the day, and I forced myself to press on. I started to get feverish feelings like hot flashes and chills, and a headache crept in also. During my lunch hour, I left to get sparkling water so I could attempt to settle my stomach. I ate the salmon and broccoli I'd brought from home, and later on I snacked on a banana, almonds and blueberries. I didn't feel well enough to eat dinner, so I went to bed early.

DAY FOUR. I woke up and felt much better! I had a small breakfast of cashews, coffee, and a banana and then halfway through the morning ate an apple and some strawberries. For lunch I spoiled myself and went to Fish Dish for grilled mahi mahi, a salad and steamed veggies. After work I was naughty and made a smoothie: kale, spinach, one banana, one apple, one tablespoon almond butter, some walnuts, strawberries, yogurt and ice. It green, delicious, and huge so I saved half of it for the breakfast the next morning. For dinner I made four eggs scrambled with avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and olive oil; again, it was too much so I stuck half of it in the fridge. I sipped some tea before bed, and that was that!

DAY FIVE. This was when the magic really began to happen. I was sleeping better and waking up easier. I was going harder in the gym, and I was in a better mood. Even though I couldn't see any changes to my outward appearance, I felt light on my feet and I was starting to get 'have you lost weight?' comments. I was also becoming more creative in the kitchen, and what felt like a boring diet in the beginning was becoming more fun! I had my leftovers from the night before for breakfast, and for lunch I had a big salad, some walnuts and sparkling water. I sipped on kombucha for an afternoon snack before heading out to Big Wangs to meet up with coworkers and say goodbye to my long-time pal and Disney partner-in-crime, Eric. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything there, and I was totally okay with that! I got a few Whole30 questions, which was exciting (many of my work buds follow me on Instagram). Brandon met up with us at the bar and then I went back to his place and ate some sashimi that his roomie brought home.

DAY SIX. I'd normally be drinking on a Friday -- either at home, or out and about -- but I stayed in and went to bed early. I had work at 5am the next day anyway! For breakfast I had kombucha, my usual coffee, an apple with almond butter, and 3 eggs scrambled with avocado, tomatoes and onions. So good! For lunch I had a mixture of cashews, almonds, walnuts, cherries + yogurt topped with cinnamon; also amazing. I had a sparkling water later in the day, but I wasn't hungry for dinner so I didn't have anything to eat. Oops.


DAY SEVEN. At this point I was over-the-moon excited that I was almost done with week one! It ended up not being as hard as I thought, and it went by really fast. I had coffee, cherries and cashews for breakfast, and then blueberries, strawberries and yogurt for a mid-morning snack. I had a work lunch that day, and we went to Black Angus -- a steakhouse. Yikes! Of course, I wasn't nervous at all because I knew I could at least order fish. I got a yummy lunch plate of grilled salmon and broccoli with a small salad. For dinner I had a huge salad: kale, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers, and tofu topped with olive oil + vinegar. I also snacked on walnuts, almonds and pistachios. My metabolism was buzzing from starting my workouts up again, so I had to eat more! Also, my trainer says it's healthier to eat six small meals per day than three big ones -- which is why I'm used to snacking. I've been trying to change this habit, but I don't see a problem with it as long as I'm eating the right foods!


Now that I've been at this for over a week, I honestly can't see myself going back to my old eating habits -- ever again. Even though I still had a healthier diet than the average American pre-Whole30, it still wasn't ideal. I plan to continue this lifestyle after the month is over, although I'm definitely going to have cheat days; I can't give up sushi rolls and pizza forever! If you're planning to try the same program, I strongly suggest writing down everything that you eat. It only takes a couple seconds, and it'll help you keep track of patterns (for example, I need to make sure I'm not skipping breakfast some days and dinner on others; I also need to drink more water and less sparkling). In addition, it'll keep you accountable. When you know you'll have to look at it again later, you won't be as tempted to cheat! I just used my daily planner. Easy.


Thanks for reading! I'll be back with another update next week.
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