Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lurk + Lounge :: Where Bloggers Poop

 photo IHOBATHROOM3.jpg
 photo IHOBATHROOM2.jpg
 photo IHOBATHROOM1.jpg
 photo MOCHBATHROOM3.jpg
 photo MOCHBATHROOM2.jpg
 photo MOCHBATHROOM4.jpg
 photo MSSBATHROOM2.jpg
 photo MSSBATHROOM1.jpg
 photo HORBATHROOM1.jpg
 photo HORBATHROOM2.jpg photo ABMBATHROOM1.jpg

Photo credits:
My Sweet Savannah
I Heart Organizing
My Old Country House
House of Rose
A Beautiful Mess

You guys know that I love lurking on other bloggers, and I've featured a few gals' bedrooms before. But does it go from friendly creepin' to stalker status when checking out their bathrooms? I mean, those are pretty personal. They drop doo-doo in there! Whatevs though, I'm all about being weird. Clearly.

And come on, some of these are super gorgeous. The shelving organization? Superb. The mint green paint? Orgasmic. And even though I probably wouldn't do a wall of stencils and put up a cluster of mirrors at the same time, I'm all for both of them. Separately.

Welp, guess it's time for me to do something with my own bathroom besides mop the floor. Because, even though I've lived here for over 8 months now, that's the biggest makeover I've given it. Oops.
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