Tuesday, October 8, 2013

List :: Goals for Fall (+ giveaway winners announced!)

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I've been posting a lot about goals, dreams and plans lately. But that's just how I've always been -- I love having stuff to look forward to and work toward in the future. Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing something off a list. At the same time, I tend to be impulsive and I like doing things on a whim, too. I'm always open to new and different adventures. So, I guess I just want to live life to the funnest and fullest -- in other words, live it loudly! ♥ I'm assuming you're here because you do, too.

I like to make seasonal to-do lists, and this past summer was no exception. Unfortunately, I didn't complete most of the items (oops). I'm hoping I'll have better luck this autumn. Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish (some just for fun, others for practicality):

1. Buy a pumpkin (but not carve it -- I'm too lazy).
2. Make two of these recipes, preferably the spiked apple cider and spicy hot chocolate.
3. Purge my closet (essential for every season) and sell more stuff to Twice.
4. Go on a haunted hayride.
5. See a scary movie at the theatre, complete with buttery popcorn and Junior Mints.
6. Pay off two credit cards (whoa).
7. Road trip to Vegas for the third time this year!
8. Finish reading 3 books.
9. Host a wine tasting night.
10. Visit an apple orchard.

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I also wanted to FINALLY announce the winners of September's LA-versary giveaways. Worst blogger ever, right? Oh well. So, the winner of Jessica's notebooks + stationery is @bamboo_blossom! E-mail me your contact info so Jess can ship your goodies to you. Thanks to @charismamoran, @jenniferlhoule, and @chelsandthecity for also entering!

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And congrats to @charismamoran who won Nakate Project's cow horn Ensolo bangle! Please e-mail me so Shanley can send it off to you. Thanks to @naturalsabrina + @jenniferlhoule who also entered!

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Finally, @jenniferlhoule is the lucky winner of Charisma's photoshoot giveaway! Shout-out to @chelsandthecity + @benjaminokeefe for also entering! All winners were chosen at random using and you can reach me here: theloudermouth AT gmail DOT com :)
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