Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lunch :: What Does a Pescetarian Eat?

 photo VeggieBurger.png
 photo PortobelloMushroomSandwich.png
 photo MonteCristo.png
 photo Sushi.png
 photo Breakfast.png
 photo Pizza.png
 photo Disney.png
 photo Frenchtoast.png
 photo Pancakes.png
 photo Easter.png

It never fails -- every time I tell someone that I'm a pescetarian, they ask 'what the hell is that?' followed by 'what do you eat!?' Now that I've completed Whole30 and found paleo enlightenment, my diet is much more restrictive, but before cutting out grains and dairy I ate a lot of what you see above. I wish I could live on pizza, fries, ravioli and bread bowls, but it just ain't gonna happen.

One can dream though. Whenever I get a craving, I'll just look at this compilation and pretend I ate it.

Mmm, pancakes.
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