Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life :: Loudmouth Yard Sale

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I'm so glad I'm finally doing this! As most of you know, I am a self-proclaimed hoarder, and I have way too much crap. I've moved many times since my initial arrival in LA four years ago, but I've always used the same stuff, and I'm ready for a full apartment makeover. I'll be getting rid of almost everything you see in the photos below (taken for a super old home tour, but nothing's really changed) including most of the scarves, some pillows, both chairs, the nightstand, a bookshelf, my desk, the plastic storage containers, the lamp and records. I'll also be selling (not shown here) a couple more lamps, a shoe tree, some picture frames, my couch and a few cameras. Gentlemen, my male roommate will also be getting rid of things, so please stop by! Most items will be under $10; come prepared with small bills!

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In addition to the furniture and decor, I'll be selling lots of clothes (Ann Taylor, Target, Forever 21, Modcloth, Francesca's Collections, etc) in a variety of sizes (XS-XL, 6-12). I'll have tons of books too, both hardcover and paperback (Janet Evanovich, Megan McCafferty, Max Lucado, Jane Green, etc). If you're still wondering about what I'll have, feel free to peruse my outfit, book and home posts to get more of an idea!

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Please email me for my exact address ( because I'm obvs not going to post it online for the world to see. If you're out of area but interested in something I have, shoot me a note and we'll figure it out! Prices are very low because I truly just want to get rid of things (though a little extra money wouldn't hurt). Any other questions, let me know! And please follow me on Twitter and Instagram this week, as I'll be taking more photos and listing stuff there too! Hope to see you this weekend!

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