Friday, November 29, 2013

Life :: November in Review

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IN LIFE. November was such an awesome month! Totally became BFFs with my 'twin' at work, Althea. / Met and instantly fell in love with my official blog photographer, Mary. / Had tons of fun scouting shoot locations with her. / Did a major bedroom purge and got rid of half my belongings at our yard sale! / Ran said sale with these two, roomie Serg and his girlfriend Nicole. It was so successful that I'm trying to get another one set up for this weekend! / Had one too many cheat days. Oops. / Co-hosted a Halloween party at B's house. He didn't dress up, lame. / Ate yummy shabu shabu for the first time with Celeste! / Loved my co-worker Vahan's classy outfit the other day. / Dealt with some LA traffic, but that's nothing new. / Still obsessed with palm trees. / Took some selfies; this one was in the shower. / Went back to Andalisia for another spa day. Addicted! / Had the best time meeting up with my mom for a night in SLO. / Celebrated Dina's birthday at Macaroni Grill. It's tradition to pick a chain! / Took some photos of B's stepdad for his new business. Doesn't he look profesh? / Played beer pong at Dublins for the first time with Xtina and Darrel. Such a college bar. / Celebrated X's birthday at Mad Bull's Tavern!

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ON THE BLOG. Peeked into fellow bloggers' bags, swooned over tattoos and journeyed through my evolution of style. / Shared throwback tunes and workout jams. / Showed off two lovely local coffee shops. / Posted some of my favorite outfits ever, like this autumn ensemble, this patterned combo and this lace dress. / Revealed shoots from Orlando and Disneyworld. / Bragged about my talented friend Chris' new film. / Told you about a fun Disneyland date with B. / Whispered the secrets of how to be happily single, and happy all the time! I had a blast creating all of these posts.

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NEXT MONTH. My friend Brandon (not to be confused with my boyfriend of the same name) is having his annual Thanksgiving Megabash this weekend (or 'Friendsgiving' to you blogger folks). It's always a great time! / Speaking of B, I'm excited to spend NYE with him. He always makes me laugh. No idea what we're doing, but it doesn't really matter as long as we're together! / I'm pretty proud of this thrifted bag and plan on using it for the rest of the year. I think it was $5. / Lots of December birthdays, including my little sister's and brother's! I can't wait for Liz to come spend Christmas with me. This is a super old throwback photo of us, by the way. Check out how little Aaron was! / I'm determined to start making more YouTube videos and tutorials. What do you think? / I'm totally serious about doing a photoshoot like this. I'm a Kate Upton wannabe. / So excited about the new outfit posts I have lined up in my queue! Hope you like these sneak peeks. And yes, those faux leather shorts have become my go-to piece. Here's to a fabulous close of 2013!

*Series inspired by Mini Penny and A Beautiful Mess. Most photos by me and B, others by Mary Tap and Charisma Moran. Yellow bag photo from Keiko Lynn, Kate photo from GQ.
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