Friday, December 20, 2013

Life :: Your Packing List for Winter in LA

 photo LA-packing-list.png

When Liz asked what to pack for her stay this week, I used one word: layers. LA days in wintertime are weird; it can go from 35 degrees to 75 in a matter of hours. After all, it's a city built on desert. So, you've gotta be prepared to take something off and then put it back on later.

Here, I've selected a few ideas for your own suitcase, just in case you ever want to fly over and say hi. Add these to your Christmas list! Or, if it's too late for that, grab an item for yourself. Why not?

1. Graphic tee
2. Light cardigan
3. Heavy sweater
4. Coat or jacket
5. Pairs of pants
6. Comfy boots
7. Shorts with tights
8. Thick scarf
9. Gloves or mittens
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