Sunday, December 8, 2013

Loves :: Kerry Frances of Mustard Seed Coaching

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Ever since I stopped seeing a therapist (she got a new job) and broke up with my trainer (we had creative differences) I've been searching for another someone outside my circle of friends to be objective partner-in-crime and cheerleader. Enter Kerry Frances, New York actress and life coach. She happened to email me on a whim at exactly the right time, and we knew it was meant to be. Fate has been on my side lately.

When Kerry first told me about her services, I was a little unsure. She later told me that this feeling of resistance is common, and even stronger in those that need help the most. Knowing myself -- a fiercely independent, stubborn Aries with a workaholic habit of taking on the world solo -- I couldn't agree more. It only took one Skype chat for me to be totally sold on Kerry's awesomeness. She exudes a beautiful mixture of sweet talk and tough love, offering a plethora of advice, encouragement, support and butt-kicking.

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Now, for the best part: Kerry has announced a December deal for new clients! The special prices are $50 for one session or 3 for $100. She recommends having at least one every two weeks. Along with Skyping sessions (or face-to-face meetings if you're local to her), you'll receive follow-up texts and emails in-between to check up on you and your goals. I love that accountability! Plus, she's donating 20% of her coaching income this month to a great animal rescue named SNARR. What a gal. You can find more info at the Mustard Seed Coaching Facebook page here!
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