Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lurk :: 8 (More) Instagram Favorites

I still can't believe that I've only had a smart phone for a year now! I'm completely addicted to it, especially Instagram. I was definitely tardy to that party, but I'm not ashamed. Over the summer, I shared 10 of my favorite IG-ers, and now I'm here to gift you with a few more. Each of them has something completely different, unique and beautiful to offer. Consider these pretty, interesting, fabulous and fun photos your early Christmas present. Okay? Here we go!

 photo ig-amanda.png
I randomly found @amandarosaia through hashtags and after seeing her gorgeous mixed family I had to follow. Interracial couples ftw!

 photo ig-amy.png
Superblogger Amy Song (@songofstyle) gets to travel the world, hang out with Kendrick Lamar, and eat delicious food all while looking fit and fabulous. Dream life, for sure.

 photo ig-bffff.png
Just a warning, don't follow @bestfriendsforfrosting while on a diet. You'll quickly see why.

 photo ig-radiowar.png
Mister @radiowar takes the coolest photos of buildings and outdoor beauty. I want to track down every spot he finds.

 photo ig-swopes.png
Miss @swopes is an iPhone genius. I don't know how she creates these gorgeous images, but it's insane. Mostly of Chicago, one of my all-time favorite cities.

 photo ig-wonderforest.png
This lovely lady (@wonderforest) helped me create the sexy blog design you're looking at right now. Her IG feed is equally lovely and full of vintage-looking goodness. Yum.

 photo ig-maxwanger.png
The talented @maxwanger has such a simple, quiet beauty to his photos. I want to cop his style, for sure.

 photo ig-tina.png
Cute pups, fitness inspo, and one hilarious dad... I can't help but include my girl Christina, aka Xtina, aka @muhfukkntina on this list. One of my good 'in RL' friends. Love her!
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