Monday, January 6, 2014

Look :: Blood on the Leaves

 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-1.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-2.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-3.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-4.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-5.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-6.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-7.png
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Mary-Tap-8.png

Outfit details:
Dress (similar), tights - Target
Necklace (similar) - Forever 21
Belt (similar) - Ann Taylor
Boots (similar) - Payless
Ring - passed from my grandmother to mother to me
Red bracelet (similar) - gift from my mother
Leather bracelet - found at an Austin craft fair

Happy Monday! This is my favorite photoshoot, ever ever ever. By the way, I have decided to unofficially call this 'animal print' week. You'll see why within the next few days. My ex said leopard reminded him of women over 50, but fortunately, B disagrees. Besides, my mom and her mom look pretty damn good. So, I'll take it as a compliment. Hope you all have a great week!

*Photos by Mary Tap. Post title copped from Kanye.
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