Monday, January 20, 2014

Look :: Hat Head

 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Michael-Anthony-3.jpg
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 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Michael-Anthony-6.jpg
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 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Michael-Anthony-8.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Michael-Anthony-10.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Stephanie-Shar-Michael-Anthony-9.jpg

Outfit details:
Hat (similar), blazer (similar) - Target
Shorts - H&M (similar)
Boots - Payless (similar)
Scarf - gift from a friend (similar)

Bare legs in winter? Yep, welcome to LA. Not to brag or anything. But when I point that out, I feel like the cost of living here is somewhat justified. Seriously though, I always wanted one of these hats, and now I have one and I barely get a chance to use it. Fortunately, I'm planning a Michigan trip for this fall. Until then, I'm going to wear it anyway and just deal with the sweat. I'll take that over snow any day.

*Photos by Michael Anthony.
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