Friday, February 28, 2014

Life :: February in Review

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IN LIFE. Gave into my froyo craving, and wore that striped Victoria's Secret tank every damn day. / Celebrated Valentine's Day weekend with dinner and a movie. / Admired the cloudy skies as we finally got some rain. / Took lots of selfies. / More selfies. / New hair courtesy of Angel Cosio at Salon Sessions, and selfies. / Watched B cook, which is always a sexy treat. / He also got me ice cream, which was so good, yet so bad. Baby Loudmouth is going to come out obese with 10 cavities. / Spent Superbowl Sunday reading magazines at work and then finishing the game up at home with the boys. Yay for internet streaming! B is from Seattle, so he was clearly pleased with the outcome. / Selfies with Jacquelyn at The Federal. I told her I was pregnant and she says, "but you hate kids!" Yeah, about that... / Snapped a plane at work for the first time ever, for some reason. / Tried to keep my growing boobs in my bra. Time to go shopping!

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ON THE BLOG. Posted some fun photoshoots like this one at home, this one in the woods and this one on the streets. / Shared a review of Van's Foods and a list of my favorite cheapie beauty buys. / Got personal with my pregnancy story. / Attempted humor in a list of Valentine's Day ideas and a playlist of motivational tunes. / Prepped you for spring with ways to brighten your home and pretty party ideas.

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NEXT MONTH. More from tea time with Jacquelyn! / More from my day date with Angela! / More boudoir shots by Charisma! / More inspirational quotes on Instagram! / A bigger butt to go along with my titties! / Another mini road trip with B! March is gonna be good...
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