Friday, February 14, 2014

List :: Cheap + Easy Things to do on Valentine's Day (5 for Couples, 5 for Singles!)

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If you'll be with your main squeeze...

1. Have a picnic. I've actually never done this. But you should. I know, I'm a disgrace to hipsters everywhere. But a set of sandwiches and some veggies with hummus sounds downright adorbs in a park setting.
2. Stay in and cook together. And by that I mean, make your man cook for you. Because you're a hardworking woman and a damn good girlfriend and you deserve it.
3. Get couples portraits done. You don't have to wait to get married or even engaged to grab a few snaps together. Have a friend or roommate take the photos if you wanna do it for free, or hello, self-timer! Then stare at your cute selves for the rest of the day.
4. Go out for dessert. Who says you have to splurge on a full meal? Chocolate-covered strawberries are way more romantic, if you ask me. If anything, get some froyo and eat off each other's spoons. (Aww!)
5. Make a card for your boo. Because you're crafty 'n shit.

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If you'll be going solo dolo...

1. Have a movie marathon. Watch women kick butt in Charlie's Angels or Chicago, cry at the non-love story 500 Days of Summer, or laugh at Bridesmaids because there needs to be more funny, awesome women like you in the world. Don't forget to write Twitter comments with the hashtag of the movie and #bestvalentinesdayever. (This is especially entertaining while drunk.)
2. Invite the girls over for an unconventional ladies' night. Rom-coms and unicorn farts not your thing? Never fear -- megablogger Emily has provided ideas for a night of donuts + whiskey or baked potato + beer. Spend the evening burping and talking about periods, because you can. Er, I mean, have a pillow fight in your underwear. Because that's what girls do when they get together, right?
3. Have dinner with your best guy pal. I was going to share an article about this, but everything I was finding was super sexist. And not in a funny way, like this post is. Ahem.
4. Go shopping. Because you don't need a significant other to do that for you, and you know what looks good. Work it.
5. Get over your ex. Because if you're not already, you should be. Exes are exes for a reason. Block from phone, remove from Facebook, delete all photos. No reason to dwell when you're so great on your own. Onto bigger and better things!

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