Monday, February 10, 2014

Look :: Day Off

 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-14-edit.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-15-edit.jpg
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 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-13-edit.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-3-edit.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-18.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-19.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-7.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-8.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-9.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-10.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-11.jpg
 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Day-Off-12.jpg
 photo TO-PRINT-3.jpg

Outfit details:
Robe - Kohl's, gift from my grandma
Tank - Bebe (similar)
Sweatpants - H&M (similar)
Slippers - I don't remember (similar)
Bra - Victoria's Secret
Cereal - Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch with almond milk
Drink - La Croix soda water with lemon
Messy house - me + three male roommates 25 & under

Did I really make my boyfriend take photos of me in my robe and PJs before even brushing our teeth? Yes, yes I did. I must admit that this one was heavily influenced by Ashley of Purse 'n Boots, who somehow makes indoor photos with flash look hot (see here and here). I tried my best, but I don't know if my pregnant cereal-eating self can compare. Did you catch that subtle hint about my future spawn? I'll be spilling the whole story soon, so stay tuned!

*Photos by B. For more outfit posts, click here!
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