Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lounge :: 9 Ways to Brighten Your Home Until Spring

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Is it still gray and gloomy on your side of town? Despite the weather outside, there are tons of ways to brighten things up inside. Whether you're an owner or renter, a pro DIY-er or a plant fanatic, I've got options for ya listed here. Enjoy!

1. Add plants to a shelf. Combine with framed photos, candles and voila -- gorgeous display!
2. Decorate with paper flowers. Just in case real flowers ain't your thing.
3. Paint your cabinets a bold color. Because, hello. It's cute!
4. Brighten your doorway with colorful tape. An equally adorable, more disposable option.
5. Accessorize with sets of books. We all have books, so use 'em. Free decor!
6. Cover your bed in fun sheets. Make your room more exciting in an instant, and change it up anytime.
7. Find a bright piece of furniture. Like this vintage chair, via Craigslist. Opt for a thrifted item in case you get bored.
8. Create a gallery wall. It's the blogger thing to do.
9. Gather lots of mirrors. A mirror gallery opens up a room even more.
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