Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life :: 8 Ways to Start Spring Cleaning this Week

Cleaning, to me, is one of the most boring things in the world -- right up there with opening junk mail and straightening my hair. However, when I'm in the mood, I really get into it. Once I start an organizational project, I can't stop, and soon the hours pass and I realize I'm actually having fun looking through all my old crap. Of course, then I start getting distracted... like I am right now.

So, back to the topic of this post: little things that you can do around your place to jump-start the spring cleaning process. And, don't forget to clear your mind too. This is the perfect time for a fresh start. Don't be afraid to sort out your thoughts, figure out what you want and make a change.

 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Spring-Cleaning-Guide-1.png

1. Organize your bookshelf by author, title, or color (that's my favorite).
2. Purge your closet. Sell your clothes (I use Twice) or swap with friends.
3. Clean out your fridge and kitchen cupboards. Donate non-perishables.
4. Throw out any old makeup and beauty products. (Here's a guide.)

 photo Loudmouth-Lifestyle-Spring-Cleaning-Guide-2-1.png
5. Re-decorate your home office space. Make it inspiring.
6. Downsize on social media. Delete unneeded apps and accounts.
7. Switch purses. Throw away receipts. Shred unused cards.
8. Start a journal. Like it was for me yesterday, writing is cathartic.

PS: Today is my best friend (of 20 years!) Malorie's birthday. I'm sure she'd love it if you surprised her with some wishes over on Instagram. I love you, Mal!

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