Monday, March 31, 2014

Life :: March in Review

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Happy Monday! Can you believe March is ending already? I'm going to keep this short and sweet since a picture speaks a thousand words... Quit coffee once I found out I was pregnant but I've become pretty addicted to tea. / Old-school chocolate shake at Fred 62 with Angela Pooh. / Gave my scents a nice new set-up (and yes, that is a Belle Barbie in the back). / Also organized my journals, pens and such. / Admired a rare rain puddle. / Had to hang out for a few hours while applying for nObamacare. / Diggin' the minimalistic billboards for Resurrection (though I've never seen the show). / Interrupted some kitty cuddles between my roommate's babes Mojo and Shenanigans. / Made a fun goal to paint my nails every week this season. This is Essie's Luxedo and Master Plan. / Saw The Wind Rises. Not as cute as Totoro, but just as emotional. / Yummy pound cake from one of my employees, Rose. / My first Shamrock Shake ever, on St Patrick's Day. / My favorite salmon burrito from Fish Dish, a local joint near work. / Re-opened my shop-my-closet store! / In love with Julep, if you couldn't tell already. Here's the goodies I received in my first box along with an add-on I opted for. I'll be reviewing everything soon. / Best red velvet cake ever thanks to Aimee on my last day of work.

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Tried something new c/o Tiger Nuts. Flavor is yummy (reminds me of macadamia) but the texture is a mixture of chewy, crunchy and weird. Was worth a shot, though! / Getting more obsessed with Project Life all the time. I loved showing you guys a peek at my album. / How I look most days: tired, messy, in a comfy hoodie I haven't washed in a week. All of you who complain about bloggers not showing 'real life' need to read mine more often. / This Palmer's lotion smells delicious and feels divine. I recommend it even if you're not pregnant or concerned about stretch marks. I received the oil a few days later and it's a heavenly combo. / At Barney's for my going-away shindig. I adore the decor there. / Had to snap a selfie in the restaurant bathroom. Wearing a jacket originally from Target (for resale here), glasses c/o Glasses Direct, tee c/o Sundried and the comfiest linen shorts by Free People (via Twice). They were $8. / Experimenting with Julep polishes Elle, Libby and Bunny. / B took me all the way to Castaic for the best IHOP in SoCal. We indulged in huge bowls of hot chocolate. / This rickety old coffee house looks dope. / Added new items to the shop last week (more coming later today too)! / My neighbor's flowers are gorgeous; I sneakily snapped this by trespassing (#rebelstatus). / You already know I'm addicted to notebooks; in my recent blog tips post, I showed how I use four of them. / My new office: the tiny bedroom I share with B. Don't worry, I've since done laundry. / Waiting to get purple hair at my favorite salon (see the result here). / At On the 30 for flat-bread pizza and classy soda water. / Crackers, Gatorade and blogs for breakfast.
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