Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life :: 8 Android Apps to Save You Time + Money

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Technology is seriously moving at the speed of light, and as usual, I can barely keep up! I just started using a smart phone less than two years ago, and I'm pretty proud of myself for finally getting the hang of some apps. I feel like you can do pretty much anything with your phone except clean your house, but soon there will probably be a Mary Poppins function where you press a button that looks like an umbrella and clothes start putting themselves in drawers. Just last year I was contemplating when we would have a printer that can hook up right to your phone and pop out Instagrams, and now, it exists.

I've decided that I am definitely going to be one of those grandmas that doesn't know how to do anything with electronics. At this point, you are probably wondering how I manage to even operate this blog... but I'll let that remain a mystery.

Anyway, I generally use apps that make life easier for me, which I think can be said of all of us. I've compiled a quick list of my faves and if you haven't yet tried them, now is the time. You know, before something better comes along and steals all the glory. (PS: These are probably available for iPhone, too.)

1. VSCO: I am seriously addicted to these photo filters.
2. Viber: Call or text for free. No plan needed.
3. Writer: The easiest way to jot down a quick idea.
4. Ibotta: Save money on groceries by completing simple tasks (Facebook follow, watch a video, etc).
5. Uber: Cheaper (and more fun) than a taxi. Get $20 off with that link.
6. Airbnb: Cheaper (and more fun) than a hotel. Get $25 off with that link.
7. RetailMeNot: Coupons and discounts for retail stores. Always needed.
8. GasBuddy: Find the cheapest gas near you. Awesome!

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