Saturday, April 19, 2014

Links :: Pornography, Racism, Dancing and Entrepreneurship

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

I love seeing where other entrepreneurs work; Bobbi's office is as simple and pretty as her blog layouts.

Gabriella's nice things lists always make me smile, and I usually agree with at least half of the items.

These totes look totes awesome, and since I won't be carrying around tampons for a few more months, not awkward!

I feel like I could have written this Tumblr post on sharing our lives via social media. Thanks Victoria!

Flash mobs never get old (especially when they're for a good cause).

A new creative marketplace that I'm intrigued by.

About to start a new business venture? Read this first.

More photos from last weekend in SD at Jessica's blog here and here.

A beautiful blog on self-love. "I take a deep breath, unsure of myself. Is this what it feels like to look at your body and not want to look away? Is this what it feels like to trust the image you see in the mirror? Is this what it feels like to love yourself?"

Cookies that you can draw on (with markers) and then eat. What!?

I feel like Christina is the cooler version of me. But we both like Jhené Aiko, so, you know. Basically twins.

The upside to entrepreneurship. As if there's a downside. (Kidding! Kindof.)

Mean-for-no-reason articles on celebs need to stop.

Thien has made a commitment to show more 'real' photos on her blog. You go, girl!

Dairy-free, homemade blood orange ice cream? Hell yes. I'm down for anything that doesn't make me fart.

Always disappointing to see someone I admire say stuff like this. Remember to watch your words online kids, whether you're in the spotlight or not. (See her semi-apologies for the video here and tweets here.)

I wish I had the balls to talk about porn and masturbation. "While most of us like the idea of monogamy, the reality is that even people in the most committed relationships still fantasize about other people, have things they like to get off to alone, or indulge in delicious perversions that maybe their partner doesn't enjoy. The more you get caught up in needing your partner to live up to your expectations, the worse your relationship will be."

Speaking of commitment, Emily and hubby talk about lessons learned over their past two years of marriage.

Guess what? It's okay to be sad, whether or not your problems are as big or small as anyone else's.

I made the escape. Sarah made the escape. Will you?

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