Saturday, April 26, 2014

Links :: Skincare and Veganism and DIYs (Oh My)

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

Emily's Instagram tips and glowy skin tricks.

Speaking of skin, one blogger shows us how to get travel makeup right.

These vanilla bean brownies would be perfect for B, who doesn't like chocolate (I know, he's weird).

How to survive working at home in the winter (or any time of year).

Sarah Tucker's beauty routine since becoming a mother (it sounds like me even pre-pregnancy).

Okay, I need to get my hands (and face, and hair...) in some coconut oil!

I love journaling challenges like this (30 days) and this (365, omg).

An easy DIY even I could try.

I was excited when I saw these drinks and then almost wet my pants when this post went up.

Fortunately for me, toxic friends normally fade away on their own. But if you need to have 'the talk' here's a guide.

Pretty sure the only thing racist about this is that the author kept referring to the model as a 'white Jewish woman.' I'm just glad curves are finally being celebrated, no matter who's wearing 'em!

One entrepreneur's work-from-home schedule and how she makes money blogging.

Can we go to Mexico already?

Simple lighting tips from a photographer.

My favorite author is working on two new books and I need to see this play and she wrote an amazing piece on vulnerability: "If you want vulnerability in your relationships, you have to be the one to start it -- to tell the truth, to tell a secret, to dive into the messy part of your life and spill it all out. Lots of times we keep ourselves all safe and locked up and guarded, and we promise that as soon as someone else is vulnerable, we'll do it, too. But it doesn't work that way. Someone has to be brave enough to begin. Why not you?"

Van recently did a raw vegan series. I'm not vegan myself, but it's inspiring.

A purple explosion = my new favorite fashion blogger.

You are enough. Always a good reminder.

See my last link post here.

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