Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Look + Lunch :: Chado Tea Room in Little Tokyo

 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-1.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-2.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-3.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-4.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-5.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-6.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-7.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-8.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-9.png
 photo Chado-Tea-Room-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-10.png

Outfit details:
Skirt, necklace - Ann Taylor
Purple tank - Old Navy
Striped tank - Victoria's Secret
Bag - c/o OASAP
Sweater - thrifted, Twice
Sunnies, flats - Target
Watch - Michael Kors

Yes, that skirt again. It's one of two items in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that still fit. These photos were taken at about 10 weeks, so I didn't have much of a bump yet (not that I do now either, thanks to this). But at any rate, Jacquelyn and I decided to visit a tea room, since we'd never been. Well, I can't take any credit. It was totally her idea. And it was awesome. Chado Tea Room was beautiful, tasty and quaint without being old-fashioned. What a wonderful afternoon.

When Jax saw my outfit, she said, 'aww, you're already dressed like a mom!' I guess I'll take that as a compliment. So I look totally mature and sophisticated, right?

And don't ask what's in that gray bin. I thought it was a cool corner anyway. Just go with it.
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