Sunday, April 20, 2014

Loudstagram :: Week in Review (April 13 - April 19)

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Happy 420, everyone! Welcome to the day of weed, Easter, and Hitler's birthday. Quite the combo, huh? As for the rest of the week... A few items I brought with me to SD: journal, novel, sticky notes and Project Life album along with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 c/o @Intel, @SocialChorus and the #TabletCrew! / Photo of me stolen from Jessica's blog and 'grammed. / Somehow finding purple everywhere! Maybe it's the hair. Or the blog design. (See full outfit post here.) / Fancy sparkling water thanks to B's mama. This stuff saves my life when I'm feeling particularly nauseous or heartburn-y. / Read Bread & Wine within a few days. I always end up starting multiple books at once (usually at least one fiction and one non-fiction) so I can bounce back and forth depending on my mood. Clearly I needed the latter this week. / B and I finally have a bed! / This week's mani: Ladylike and Eternal Optimist by Essie and Shoe-a-Holic by Julie G (the three of those gifted to me by Jess) with Sally Hansen top coat. / Childish Gambino necklace by one of my new favorite bloggers. / An old alleyway in my neighborhood. / Palm trees and dead trees look good together. / Froyo is healthy if you add fruit to it, right? / Had so much fun playing with my new Project Life kit (Jade). It's gorgeous. / Pho for breakfast (I gave B the meaty bits). / Mojo is sad because Shenanigans is missing! / Yummy Black & White trail mix thanks to B. And now I have Michael Jackson in my head. / Some of the products I use on my color-treated hair: sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and deep-conditioning treatment along with leave-in conditioner and kiddie detangling spray. Yes, my hair needs a lot of conditioning. I also can't wash it more than twice a week now or it fries to a crisp!

Other items of note:

I recently wrote guest posts over at The Style Selections and Equally Yolked, and I'm now a writer for Gotta Watch It thanks to Fenn! I love new side projects; it definitely helps my brain to mix things up sometimes and I'm so grateful for these opportunities. Hop on over and say hello!

Check the shop tonight for new items! You can still use code BIRTHDAY27 for 27% off everything, plus, I've marked down many older products. See the sale section here and enjoy!

I'm still looking for advice questions, so feel free to send 'em over either through email, or Twitter with the hashtag #askloudly. Please let me know if you'd like to remain anonymous. I'm here to help!

My sister thinks I look like the white girl at the car wash in this video (about a minute in). Cute, right?

See last week's Instagram round-up here, and you can follow me here.
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