Sunday, April 13, 2014

Loudstagram :: Week in Review (April 6 - April 12)

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Can you guys believe we're almost halfway through April already? It's nuts. Time flies when you're having fun, they say. Anywho, here's that bag I got from Target in honor of my birthday and the organizing challenge. / Received my first shipment of Beauty Box 5 goodies! So far I love the lipstick and eyeshadow palette, but the wipes are nothing to write home about (though they're in a conveniently small package for my purse). I haven't tried the lip liner or Jergens yet. / My sweet man took me to brunch at Griddle (my choice) and a couples' massage for my birthday. Love him. / Obligatory selfie. / Met up with Kelly, my wonderful BFF since 8th grade, in Venice Beach. / I thought it was funny that she was bundled up and wearing sandals, while I wasn't bundled and wearing sneakers. It's that weird in-between season (AKA spring). / My tea and everyone else's flight of beers that night. / More tea! But now we're in San Diego. This was the best chai latte I'd ever had. / Good ol' SD. / Perusing used bookstores between vintage shops. / Myself with Jess, a newer but just as valuable bestie. She certainly spoiled me this weekend. / I absolutely love her cozy living room setup. It was incredibly nice to stay the night in a clean house that didn't smell of dirty dishes, cat poop and hookah. Oy. / An amazing farm-to-table lunch. / Jessica's pretty polish + rings. / Ice cream break! / My outfit for day two, halfway borrowed from my hostess.

Other items of note:

I'm still looking for advice questions, so feel free to send 'em over either through email, or Twitter with the hashtag #askloudly. Please let me know if you'd like to remain anonymous and I'll happily accommodate.

No new stuff for the shop this week, as I was away over the weekend and couldn't plan accordingly. But I'll be sure to prep plenty of goodies for the 21st, and you can still use BIRTHDAY27 to get 27% off!

Received my mom's package of keepsakes (best mail week ever). My favorite part was watching the DVD my dad made and seeing everyone in their ugly 80s garb. Fabulous.

Currently reading The Hunger Games! I thought the first two movies were awesome, so I'm excited to get into the books (it's excellent so far and as usual, so much more detailed than the film).

This week's mani was Mariska by Julep with a Sally Hansen quick-dry top coat. Not my favorite polish color or texture thus far, but it's always fun to experiment.

See last week's Instagram round-up here, and you can follow me here.

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