Thursday, April 10, 2014

Loves :: 7 Bloggers that Get Real

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Honesty is my best policy. I know that not everyone likes that, and that's cool. I don't need to please everybody. But one of my goals for this blog is to write things that resonate with my readers. There are enough blogs out there that showcase designer outfits and perfectly curated homes. I aim to show you the dirty side of life, down to the dishes. Because, at least for me, I love bloggers like that. So, today I'm going to introduce seven of my faves!

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Who better to start with than Fenn of The Honest Badger? Though we may not agree on everything, I love her opinionated personality. She also has the same birthday as my boyfriend, which I think is pretty significant (or at least awesome). Some of her recent posts include a note on depression, a blunt restaurant review, a night out with porn stars, and an awkward NYE party. As you can see, Fenn doesn't hold back -- and I totally respect that!

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Charisma of Charismatic Concepts writes some great advice and essay posts. Recently she covered topics like frenemies, feminism and the truth about working from home (which definitely came at the right time for me). Charisma is a very talented photographer -- I should know, since we took an obnoxious amount of pictures when I visited her in Florida last year -- but because she's normally the one behind the camera, it's hard to find portraits of herself. Because of this, I've chosen one of my favorites from her: a breathtaking skyline of New York City. Isn't it beautiful?

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Next up is Jessica of The Jessica L Blog. She's another bloggy buddy that I've had the pleasure of visiting (in fact, I'll be seeing her again in San Diego this weekend). I really respect Jess for being open about certain things, but private about others (being in the Navy, she simply can't reveal all). At her blog, you'll find personal photos of her dogs, stories from the sea, lists of goals and diary entries.

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I actually met Victoria from The Awkward Rain Cloud in college theatre, and somehow we reconnected again through the blogosphere. I love her for a few reasons, the main one being that she's so creative with what she writes about (or wants to, but doesn't). I mean, check out these post titles... To Do: Not These Things, Poo-Brain, and (my favorite) Smash the Scale. Aren't you intrigued?

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Miki of Becoming What I Always Was is downright hilarious. This post about random google searches had me dying. At the same time, she isn't afraid to show other emotions, like when her family is going through a tough time or when she's scared of doing certain things. She also wrote an entire list of personal confessions recently. Plus, her Halloween costumes are always awesome.

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To be honest, I never thought much of Melissa's blog Bubby and Bean, but she recently had a baby and I'm loving the realness of her reflective updates. She's been posting one a month (here's the first, second and third) and at this time in my life, I'm looking for true representations of motherhood. Everything I'm hearing is either too negative (it'll ruin my body and destroy my dreams) or too positive (it'll perfect my life and complete me). Melissa has gone over both ups and downs and I do hope she continues this series.

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Lastly, I've been reading Shannon's blog Awash with Wonder for awhile now. Her inspirational stories, personal essays, and motivational tips are exquisite. I can almost always relate to what she says. Recently, she wrote about life without her phone charger, having the freedom to blog when and how you please, and choosing to commit and settle after being a wanderer. I can dig it.

*First photo found here, all others from the above blogs.
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