Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loves :: My Work-from-Home Wishlist (AKA Office Porn)

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First off, this post isn't literally about office porn, just like when you tag something #foodporn on Instagram you're not talking about people having sex with pizza. Secondly, B and I share a 9x11' bedroom in a house with two of his buddies, so I don't have an actual office. In fact, that's something I've never had. Normally, though, I at least get a corner somewhere for a desk and a lamp (see here), but at this point in my life I'm working from bed. However, I can't really complain, especially on days when I'm feeling extra morning sickness-y and can't bring myself to stand up anyway. Plus, my rent costs half what it used to. Boom.

So, here are 8 things I'd love if I had my own office. And, actually, I could probably start acquiring a few of them now. Just need to save up that cash money. Or, add them to my baby shower registration at Target. Hey, you never know what might come in handy while raising a child...

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-1b.png
1. Bright paint in a fun color, to keep me motivated and alert.

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-2.png
2. Bar cart AND coffee cart so I have a choice of substances.

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-3.png
3. Gallery wall for self-encouragement and inspiration.

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-4.png
4. A new computer, because... duh. (Should I get a Mac?)

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-5.png
5. More Project Life stuff. I can't get enough (cue J.Cole)

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-6.png
6. A comfy desk chair.

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-7.png
7. Clothing rack to better plan outfit posts (cute one here, cheaper one here)

 photo Office-Porn-Loudmouth-Lifestyle-8.png
8. Books on books on books.

*Header photo source here. Other sources: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. Most found via Pinterest.
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