Saturday, May 31, 2014

Links :: I Need a Haircut, Etc.

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

28 things no 20-something wants to hear. Couldn't agree more.

I adore the classic simplicity with a pop of red in this outfit. Plus, I really want wooden sunglasses.

As a rape victim myself, I can safely say this is gross and untrue.

Speaking of creeps, I'm kinda getting sick of stabbings/shootings/etc. You?

On a lighter note, Sam Smith is B and I's new jam.

My mouth is watering looking at this chickpea salad.

Any other workaholics out there?

More about the upside of social media.

Miki's house is for sale and it's super cute.

Let's go to Spain like ASAP.

Only one blogger can make cat tights look sexy.

Tips for organizing your everyday purse and your travel bag.

I want a crafty kids cabinet but for me.

A homemade hair lightening spray. I've gotta try this!

Whether you're expecting or hoping to be expecting soon, these pre-baby health tips are fab. And, really, they'd probably be helpful for anyone.

Loved watching Chappelle with B the other night. I think I've seen the first episode of the first season 7 times.

To people who complain about sponsors. Great post, but the best part was this comment: "Blogging is a hobby. It's not a job. I know people are trying to make it a job, but the fact is it just is not a job. These are all made up rules in an effort to get more attention. I don't get paid for my other hobbies, so why blogging? If I were writing a book, that would be different." Mmk, I... can't even find the words to respond to that. Ha!

See my last link post here.

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