Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Look Again :: Circa Jan + Feb 2011 #throwbackthursday

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Normally, this series focuses on outfit remixing, but I thought it'd be fun to look back at some of my other posts too! Lately I've been feeling more reminiscent than ever -- maybe it's pregnancy hormones? Anyway, one of my very first entries here at The Loudmouth Lifestyle was about my December 2010 Christmas party. It was perfect. I've always wanted to host another one. Maybe this year? (By the way, these photos will NOT be high quality... if you couldn't already guess.)

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_2.png

Here's my first outfit post ever on the left. I still have those socks and wear them often! And, my first time on the internet in a bathing suit. Notice the flattering sepia filter.

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_3.png

One of my worst photoshoots ever, and one of the best. Posing in an abandoned zoo is a lot more attractive than posing next to a pile of trash. Lesson learned.

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_4.png

That one time I very poorly edited myself into a photo of Trey Songz and people actually believed me...

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_5.png

Oh, how I miss that vintage bag! I think I sold it.

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_6.png

Such a great night. Kelly came to visit and we took a limo down to Hollywood thanks to a connection at my old job. I think we got at least 10 drinks free (each) from random dudes at Saddle Ranch. They didn't need to know I had a boyfriend at the time -- at least until after I took the cocktails...

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_7.png

I attempted 30x30 and failed because I lost count. I thought I was done and it was only like day 20. Oops.

 photo Old_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_8.png

I somehow managed to lose that fedora AND that pair of glasses over the years. So sad because they were two of my favorite things to wear. I finally got a new hat last week though and I can't wait to show you!
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