Thursday, May 29, 2014

Look Again :: Circa March + April 2011 #throwbackthursday

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Confession: These have become my favorite posts to write. I absolutely love looking at old photos. Back in the day, my sister Liz was in a band called Phantom Cats. She's still a musician, and still awesome. Who else can rock a turban, sequins AND feathers all at once?

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Here we are with our cousin Nikki in Detroit. You'll soon find out that I'm not going in order here...

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I went to Vegas that year for a blogger extravaganza and met up with Beverly of Style Underdog, Yvonne of Fashion Recon, Fabienne of The House in the Clouds and Cynthia of No More Frump. I'm sad to report that most of them don't update their blogs anymore, but it was a fun weekend that I'll always remember! I also visited Michigan to hang with family. Do you like my it's-fucking-freezing-but-trying-to-look-cute pose?

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Also, I opened an Etsy shop for my photo prints. I sold nothing. Oh well!

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My birthday was coming up so I posted this photo from 2010. We went to The Melting Pot for my 23rd and had a fancy dinner. It was a blast!

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My bedroom at the time was way more organized, but it was also 3x the size and double the cost. So, yeah.

Have a happy Thursday!
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