Saturday, June 28, 2014

Links :: Back in Action!

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

What is Mercury Retrograde and what does it mean for you? So on point!

How to unwind from a day at work and how to deal when life leaves you drained.

SEO tips and more ways to get blog traffic.

I'm totally intrigued by The Creative Residency. Congrats, Justina!

Costa Rica suddenly sounds like a good idea.

Then again, The D is closer, probably cheaper, and is named after Detroit. I think. I mean, let's hope so.

I totally want to start a series like this with B and I's things!

Some marriage advice, and why you shouldn't listen to marriage advice.

A candy cocktail party and tips for entertaining.

Nail polish ideas to compliment your sandal-ready feet.

I'm glad Gala posts free videos for those of us who don't want to drop bands on The Blogcademy. I've found them really informative -- and fun!

Five ways to display family photos. I can't wait to incorporate these ideas into my future home!

I loved reading Sarah's two-year escape update (and had lots of fun interviewing her here).

Blog post ideas you haven't thought of and how to keep your audience interested while on vacay.

Why it's important to keep traditions alive and how to pick the perfect swimsuit.

Other items of note:

My life coach, Kerry, interviewed me over at her blog!

I recently did some new markdowns in the shop, and you can still get 25% off with code VACAY25 (I'm extending it for the rest of the weekend).

My friend Heather started a blog about the old house that she and her man are fixing up. Cool!

Liz just walked in #fffweek! I'm so proud of her and everyone needs to watch this video from backstage.

My babcia saw the photos above and said my boyfriend has sexy lips. Awesome.

See you tomorrow with a slew of 'grams from Michigan!
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