Saturday, June 7, 2014

Links :: Weekend Goodness

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Bookmarked around the web this past week:

I would love to do an outfit post like this at the Griffith Observatory. Gorgeous!

I'm always thrilled to find another Project Lifer.

The cutest first birthday party!

Blogging through grief is the best way to mourn.

Setting rules for your business and how to price stuff.

This new blogger sent me the sweetest email and it made my week!

Would you take a minimalist challenge?

I love seeing what other bloggers are reading.

More body positivity, because we can always use more!

There's a new app for bloggers. I'm not sure if I need it, though. Hmm...

"Not only was it almost impossible for such a person (um, me) to ask for help... even when help was offered, it was likely to be rejected. I’ve felt for most of my life as though I am in debt if I accept help from others, and would rather refuse the gift than be in a position of owing someone." Yes.

"Stepping up and into the shoes of the person you know exists within you is terrifying. The simple act of trying is a heart-stopper. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself... and a lot of people don’t want to take that responsibility. So they never step up. And nothing ever changes." Boom.

"What do you do?" I also hate that question.

Mini banoffee pies and brownie sundaes in a jar.

I want this + this + this + this. Why didn't anyone tell me about Photojojo before!?

I also want to have a front porch picnic, complete with fruity ice cubes.

10 ways Joy changed as a mom in 10 months. Also by her: the art of being a goal-getter, parts one and two.

Homemade iced coffee and a fruity (non-alcoholic!) summer drink.

One blogger's guide to LA.

How to dress for a hot summer day and how to get a golden glow.

Mediterranean bites and a healthy burrito bowl.

A favorite blogger turns 30.

The cutest/funniest/fastest engagement ever!

Moving always bring up nostalgia. I loved reading this.

Sunset cocktails and a watermelon mocktail.

10 job-hunting tips and 5 tips for staying inspired.

Monthly beauty buys and weekend travel essentials.

My favorite outfits of the week: Atlantic-Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde, Simply Just Lovely.

Chelsea mentions my book in her super sweet and silly vlog!

Van invited me to share some entrepreneurial tips over her at her blog. There are some haters creepin' in the comments, but hey, that's the internet for ya!

Once I get the baby blog up and running, I'll be posting weekly pregnancy updates like Abby, Olivia and Brittany. I'm really excited about it. Who have I become!?

Finally, this is for those who don't want to see my ass on Instagram. Deuces.

See my last link post here.

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