Thursday, June 12, 2014

Look Again :: July + August 2011 #throwbackthursday

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_1.png

It's that time again, friends! I'm going to start with some more low-quality outfit photos with awkward poses and too-bright lighting, because, why not?

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_2.png

My mom visited me and I let her in on the fun! We had a blast. Isn't she cute?

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_5.png

I had longer hair then, but my boobs were just as big.

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_3.png

Here, I'm taking selfies before knowing that they're selfies. Ha!

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_4.png

I met cutie pie Jenmarie and we shared some laughs!

 photo edit_July_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_6.png

Oh boy, do I miss that DVD collection... and my wardrobe is about 1/6th of that size now. I've sold and donated so much over the years! I gotta be frugal these days, people.

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