Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Look :: Antique Fair Fun / La Mesa, San Diego

 photo edit_20140518_135154.png
 photo edit_20140518_135130.png
 photo edit_20140518_132104.png
 photo edit_20140518_133335.png
 photo edit_20140518_1343380.png
 photo edit_20140518_150745.png
 photo edit_20140518_150608.png
 photo edit_20140518_1506010.png
 photo edit_20140518_153827.png

Outfit details:
Top - in my shop here
Purse - Vans
Sunnies - c/o Nectar
Bra - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Ann Taylor
Shoes, earrings - Target

Jessica, Kristen and I had a great time at the antique fair last month. There's just something about old treasures that fascinates me. I got a 100-year-old book for me and a little something for B too. Afterwards we went hunting for lemonade, but found boba tea and smoothies instead, which worked out just fine.

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