Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Look :: Lookin' Fly for the Grocery Store Guy / Eastlake, San Diego

 photo Grocery_Store_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_1.png
 photo Grocery_Store_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_2.png
 photo Grocery_Store_Loudmouth_Lifestyle_3.png

Outfit details:
Hat - souvenir shop
Shirt - Old Navy
Earrings, shoes, bag - Target
Shorts - thrifted, Twice
Sunnies - thrifted, Goodwill (also worn here)
Necklace - Forever 21 (also worn here)

Okay, so before y'all get on me about the title, I wasn't actually trying to impress anyone at the grocery store. That would be weird, because duh, I'm not single.

However, we DID take these photos before shopping at Trader Joe's, and there was indeed a dude working there following us around the store. I'm not sure if he noticed I was pregnant or maybe just saw three cute girls and was bored, but fortunately, he wasn't creepy. I mean, people at Joe's are always friendly. Whatevs.

At any rate, Jessica and Kristen and I had an entertaining time. We also had to grab froyo while there, because it was only a few doors down, and ignoring that would have been absurd. Also, if you're wondering what I'm doing in that last photo, I was tucking in my shirt. Nothing gross, I promise.

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