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Quite possibly my longest link roundup ever... enjoy!

"For me, I LIKE taking selfies. Why? Because I'm a human and when you feel good about yourself you want others to see it too. Because when you mastered a winged eyeliner after a bajillion attempts and those bad boys look on point, you want to capture it. Why post it, why not just say 'damn, you look good Chelsea' and get on with my drive? Because at 28, I don't love everything about myself or the way I look but I'm proud of the person I am and certain qualities I portray. This may come across as vain, self-centered or egotistical but after two kids one can get down on themselves and their bodies." More here.

I really want to do this list challenge and this Instagram challenge in August.

Are you an intentional friend or a convenience friend? See also: friend breakups, relationship lessons after 30, and why being nice isn't always a good thing.

How one blogger quit her day job (parts one and two), and why you don't have to. Another blogger celebrates her quit-iversary.

What's the difference between writers and bloggers, and how has the blogosphere changed in recent years?

How to live with less and why you're already rich. Plus, living with intention and living simply.

A journey from extrovert to introvert, and networking tips for introverts (or anyone).

The truth about Los Angeles and how to work from home when it's way too hot.

Which would you rather read about on social media -- the negative or positive parts of life? "I think ultimately, there is responsibility in the hands of both the content creator and the viewer. As content creators, it’s our responsibility to be true, authentic, sensitive, and to post with pure intentions and motives. As viewers, it’s our responsibility to first and foremost, guard ourselves against content that brings out the worst in us, and secondly, to look inward at our own weaknesses and not blame others for them. I also think it’s the viewer’s responsibility to not hold content creators to the same standard of a real-life friend. Some people are simply not comfortable being vulnerable online with their heartbreaks and struggles, and we can’t expect them to change for us simply because it makes us feel better about ourselves. While I think it’s perfectly okay to approach a real-life friend about a lack of vulnerability, I don’t think we can approach strangers on the internet in the same way." More here. Also, this guy took a whole year off from the internet!

What color is your mind? Mine is blue!

When you should trademark your blog, how to write an e-book that sells, what to do during technical difficulties, how to promote your blog without being annoying, and how to build trust with your clients.

On the importance of having space to be creative, and what to do when a project has failed.

"Never have I lived with anything as bewildering my own soul." More here.

How to move on when you're in mourning and how it feels to change as a blogger in front of your audience.

The perfect at-home manicure, how to sell clothes from your phone, and more reasons to use coconut oil.

It's refreshing to see that there are still so many people who wait until marriage to have sex (um, oops).

One blogger's journey to happiness, how to squash negative thoughts, and reasons to embrace who you are.

If you don't like doing something, maybe you should just stop doing it.

My friend Chris has a new web series called The Writers Room. Check it out!

Oh, and just in case you missed my announcement on Twitter last week... Megan was the e-book giveaway winner! Congrats, lady!

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