Friday, July 18, 2014

Links :: Have an Awesome Weekend!

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"I realized something I should have a long time ago: I don't want to do any of this shit. I needed to listen to my gut, and I wasn't doing that. This traumatic and heart-wrenching experience became the catalyst for significant change that I didn't realize was necessary." Sometimes, that's what it takes.

Anatomy of a blog post parts one and two.

What's holding you back from making the money you deserve? Find out here.

The difference between taking risks and being reckless in business.

Don't be ashamed to know your limits and know when to give up.

Act the way you want to feel.

The author of this book wrote this post when she got her book deal, and it's inspiring.

Tips for great indoor photos and outfit photos.

How to take pictures when you're on vacation with someone who doesn't like to take pictures, and a different way to document travel outfits.

Speaking of traveling, I can't wait to visit this new-to-me California spot and here are some cute bikini combos. Also, how to get sexy beach/festival hair.

How limitation fosters creativity, and the best advice for writers.

Feeling guilty for working too hard, and being burnt out from blogging too hard.

How blogs and brands work together, from the incredibly inspiring Melissa Johnson.

Ashlee's love letter to her body, and 100 ways that you can love yourself more.

On having a long haul attitude.

The cutest post ever.

More books to read this summer!

How to recycle your hair, and how to make cold-brew coffee at home.

The struggle of asking a girlcrush out on a playdate.

Casey on being herself and losing herself.

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I'm actually getting hooked on The Bachelorette. So bad it's good.

Thanks again to Casee Marie for featuring me on her blogs with a guest post and book review!

Just in case you missed the announcement, be sure to check out my new blog, new website, and Indiegogo campaign! Every little bit helps! Thank you so much.
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