Thursday, July 3, 2014

Look Again :: January + February 2012

 photo look_again_loudmouth_lifestyle_fashion_blogger_outfits_1.png

Hey, friends! It's that time again. That time of the week where we go back in time. Here are some photos of me from two and a half years ago. Outfit posts, selfies, drawings from boys, the usual...

 photo look_again_loudmouth_lifestyle_fashion_blogger_outfits_2.png

Those oversized cat-eye glasses c/o Proopticals were awesome but broke the first day I wore them (shortly after that picture was taken). The company promised to replace them but after months of emailing back and forth, they never did. Shady sponsor alert! Sadly, I've never found a similar pair since.

 photo look_again_loudmouth_lifestyle_fashion_blogger_outfits_3.png

I also made resolutions for the year, and was featured in Glitter magazine. Hooray!

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