Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Look :: Boobs, Bras, and Breastfeeding / Vanity Fair Review!

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When I got an email from Vanity Fair Lingerie about trying some of their bras, it took me about half a second to respond with a HELL YES (and normally I'm terrible at replying to emails).

Though I used to be shy about my XL ta-tas, they're now my pride and joy. This year I've grown to a whopping 36G (equivalent to 36DDDD, which should actually be 38 by now thanks to my widening ribcage, but I digress). I chose four bras in a variety of sizes and styles so I can wear them both before and after baby. Unfortunately they're not nursing-friendly, but they're already snug, so the cups would runneth over at that point anyway. However, bras last forever if you care for them properly, so I'll be holding onto them for future usage. And now that you're sick of reading about my tits, let's move on.

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This first one is the Beauty Back Smoother Full Figure Bra in 38DDD and it's by far my favorite. It definitely has the best fit thanks to the size, but I also love how smooth it really is. The underwire offers great support but doesn't push up so much so that I look like a pregnant porn star.

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Next up is the Full Coverage Zoned-In Support Underwire Bra in 36DD. Since the cups are smaller it didn't stick out from behind my shirt as much, but it did cut into my ribs a little.

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The cups of this Curvation Beauty Back Smoother Underwire Bra in 38DD weren't quite big enough, though I did love the cleavage they gave me, and the pink color is too cute! This is one I would definitely show off under a sheer top or a white dress.

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This last one is the Curvation Side Shaper Bra in 36DD. Though it's pretty sexy, the fabric was a little thin for my taste. In fact, I was worried it'd be a bit too nippy for photos. Yikes! All in all though, I'm pretty pleased with this new set of intimates. Hooray for boobies!

*Thanks to Vanity Fair for making this post possible. The tanks are from Target and Victoria's Secret, prescription sunnies by Bonlook, nail polish by Julep, and leggings from Motherhood Maternity. Photos by Megan Burke on July 25, 2014 in San Fernando, CA.
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