Saturday, July 19, 2014

Loudstagram :: Week(s) in Review + How to Turn a Boring Life into Interesting Instagrams

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Seeing as it's been close to 100 degrees here in the North Valley this week and whenever I step outside I nearly pass out from dehydration, I haven't gotten to do normal "summery" things. I can't drink alcohol, I don't have easy access to a pool, I can't take a leisurely stroll around the block without getting harassed, and the closest beach is 40 miles away (which means two hours in LA traffic).

Needless to say, on paper, my life is pretty boring. I spend most of my days inside, on my computer, alone. To be quite honest, though, I actually enjoy it. I was never a homebody before, but getting pregnant and leaving my job has forced me to concentrate on my writing and myself. Between typing like a madwoman, I take breaks to rub my belly, call my mom, and eat obscene amounts of hummus. It's nice.

However, my blog is my business, and the customers must be entertained! Though you're reading this for free (you're welcome), I consider social networking to be my full-time job. If you're in the same boat (or just don't want to look like a lame-ass to your loyal followers), here's how to create an exciting Instagram feed from a not-so-exciting life.

1. Be honest. If you've been reading TLL for awhile, then you know that honesty is my policy. Just like you shouldn't play a pretend "character" on your blog for the sake of followers, don't pretend to be someone you're not on Instagram. I heard once that you could actually "buy" IG photos and post them to your own feed so that people think you're somewhere fun (like a party, club, vacation etc). That's super weird. If you're spending your weekend in sweatpants watching reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, then take a picture of your bunny slippers and popcorn! Don't be ashamed of who you are and what you like to do. Your blog readers with love you for it. Personal facts are fun and give your followers something to connect with. If you're fake, even if it works for awhile, people will notice.

2. Don't copy. This takes dishonesty to a whole different level. A blogger friend of mine said that she has a follower who is constantly taking similar photos. Every time my friend takes a photo, the other girl will post one that looks almost the same the next day. I've had people steal my ideas before, but tweak it just enough so that I can't legally pursue them. Don't do this! It's rude and again, people will notice. Copycats always get caught. There is a difference between inspiration and emulation.

3. Capture the little things. Just like you can't be perfect at everything you want to pursue, you also can't be everything to everyone on your Insta feed. Focus on the little things that make your unique life special. I'm one of those annoying people that takes pictures of food, and though not everyone appreciates those, they make me happy and there are followers out there who feel the same way! Snap away at what you believe makes your days exciting, even if you don't think everyone will like them.

4. Take lots of photos at once, and save them for later! Whenever I'm doing something out of the house and out of the ordinary, I take tons of pictures. I normally do this anyway, without Instagram in mind, but having IG gives me a bonus reason to document everything. That way, if I have a really fun party weekend or road trip, I can have lots of material for posting throughout the week. This isn't lying, especially if you use a tag like #latergram or #throwback. You don't have to say "I'm here right now, woo" when you're really on the couch in your pajamas, but you could say, "Loved this fountain in Vegas" or whatever!

Have any other ideas? Feel free to share with me on Facebook or Twitter! Happy 'gramming!
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