Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lessons :: On Marriage and Sons

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Usually when you move in with someone, people start asking when you're going to get married. And then once you're married, people start asking if you're going to have kids. Our order of things has been a little different, but we still get asked about our future plans from time to time.

Before meeting Brandon, I was not a "kid person" (and I'm still not, to be honest, though I already love mine). I wanted to get married someday, maybe, but I didn't care about weddings (unless they were the weddings of my friends, because hello, free booze). My life has completely changed within the past year and a half, and so have my plans and priorities. Don't worry -- it's all changed for the better.

B and I knew we wanted to be together forever, pretty early on. But with a kid on the way, we probably won't be getting married for awhile. I thought I would want to elope in Vegas or just go to the Justice of the Peace, but B is a little more traditional than that. And the more we talk about it, the more I'm looking forward to celebrating with all of our friends and family someday. It's just going to take a lot of planning that we don't have time for right now.

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And, yes, we've talked about more children too. I'm limiting it to two (which I think I have the authority to do, since they're coming out of me) but as we've learned, God has his own plans. We definitely don't want to have another until we're married and have our own place and have our debts paid off and money saved.

I also want to wait until Baby Loudmouth is old enough to wipe his own ass because chasing around two babies sounds like a nightmare (just ask my poor mother who had to deal with my sister and I). When B said "we should wait awhile, like two years" I laughed in his face. Sorry, I'm thinking more like 5. People say that's too big of a gap, but I'm selfish and want a built-in babysitter. Until then, we're going to use about 7 forms of birth control (if that many exist, of course) or stay celibate. Wish me luck.

I've also been asked if I'm excited that we're having a boy, and the truth is yes, yes, praise Jesus, yes. My sis and I have a brother much younger than us, and even my parents agree that he was the easiest to raise. I'm still waiting for him to mess up because, come on dude, you're making the rest of us look bad. If this fetus magically ends up being a girl, I'll love her anyway, but I'll be a lot more scared. I'm already an emotional firecracker, and trying to get along with a mini-me sounds downright terrifying.

So before the ultrasound, when people asked if I wanted a boy or girl and I said I didn't care, that was a flat-out lie. I've wanted a boy from the beginning, and I kinda had a feeling that that's what it was, but I didn't want to jinx anything. And now we're less than a month away, and I'm so happy.

*Photos shot by Michael Almeida on August 23, 2014 and edited by me in Photoshop.
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