Thursday, August 7, 2014

Look Again :: July + August 2012

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The summer of 2012 was possibly the best ever! First off, I took my first trip to San Diego, and also met Jessica in person for the first time. We had a blast and since then we have made many more plans together. Right now she is deployed and I miss her so!

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I posted some outfits, including ones from work. I was working 12-hour days at the time and during my short lunch I'd drive down a side street to take these. I'm crazy.

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That month I also went to PRIDE with my friend Brandon (not to be confused with my boyfriend Brandon) and a couple weeks later did a Vegas trip for his birthday. I managed to find some British guys who let me partake in their bottle service. Hell yes.

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I went to a huge concert by myself that summer featuring Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Snoop Dogg and more. It was awesome. I also got to see shows by my friends Beautiful Things and The Nines. I am all about supporting other creatives!

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And this would be my semi-organized single girl closet and an interview in my hometown's newspaper. Woo-hoo! Such a nice memory.

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I also went to Disney a couple times, of course, and that last outfit I just liked.

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