Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look :: Maternity Style / The Best Leggings Ever

 photo stephanie-shar-loudmouth-lifestyle-blogger-blog-maternity-style-pregnant-green-leggings-1.png
 photo stephanie-shar-loudmouth-lifestyle-blogger-blog-maternity-style-pregnant-green-leggings-3.png
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 photo stephanie-shar-loudmouth-lifestyle-blogger-blog-maternity-style-pregnant-green-leggings-4.png
 photo stephanie-shar-loudmouth-lifestyle-blogger-blog-maternity-style-pregnant-green-leggings-5.png

Outfit details:
Shirt, leggings - Motherhood Maternity
Turban - Red Velvet
Moccasins - Payless
Polish - Julep
Watch - Simply the Best
Beaded bracelet - handmade gift from Mona

I know I've sung the praises of these time and again so I won't repeat myself, but I will say that while googling them, I came across Where my Heart Resides which has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. In fact, you may have noticed that I link to Ashlee at least 5x/week in my roundup posts. It's no surprise that her new collaborative website for mothers, Coffee + Crumbs, already has 1.6 million views. For me to say I'm inspired would be an understatement. I love seeing the bloggers I love doing well!

*Photos by Megan Burke on July 25, 2014 in San Fernando, CA.
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