Monday, August 18, 2014

Look :: Maternity Style / Pink Shorts + Old Nikes

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 photo stephanie-shar-loudmouth-lifestyle-blogger-blog-maternity-style-pregnant-pink-car-6.png

Outfit details:
Shirt - Target
Shorts - Motherhood Maternity
Hat - souvenir shop
Bra - c/o Vanity Fair
Sunnies - Mini Penny
Shoes - thrifted, Flashbacks

Seeing as we have a lot to do over the next month, I'm taking it easy this week and sharing some outfit posts from my 31st and 32nd weeks of pregnancy. Now that I'm in my 35th I'm feeling even more like a beached whale, but it's always nice when people tell me how good I look or that I haven't gained much weight (little do they know, mwahaha). So, thank you for that.

And to those of you who are sick of the baby shit: he's kinda taking over my life right now, so there's really nothing else for me to talk about. Eventually, though, all of this will stay over at BL and TLL will be back to normal, whatever that may be. :) Have a good week, all!

*Photos by Megan Burke on July 25, 2014 in San Fernando, CA.
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