Friday, September 26, 2014

Life :: New Uses for Old Things Part 2 (Guest Post)

Hi there new friends!! I'm Jamillah from Made-To-Travel and I'm so happy to be a guest at Steph's Loudmouth Lifestyle! Steph was really smitten by my post New Uses for Old Things, so I am really happy I get to do a part 2 on The Loudmouth Lifestyle!

Here are a few things that I've found new uses for around my home :).

rubberband storageRubber Band Storage : I keep those little tabs from my bread to organize rubber bands. I've actually tried a couple of different solutions for rubber band storage (binder clips, paperclips, clothespins), but these little tabs work the best for me. So easy to take on and off!

photo (1)

There's actually a couple of sneaky reuses here!

Teacup Jewelry holder: My dad's gf's mama (aka my mooti) gave me this pretty little teacup, too tiny for my tea but great for my jewelry, I mostly use it now for studs and other earrings.

Hair tie/bobby pin holder: This little glass vessel was a small candle I received at a life as a much needed hair tie holder.

Towel Rack to Headband Holder: You can see in the corner I have my headbands, that I use when I wash my face just hanging on some unused space on my towel rack.

kitchen storageFile Holder to Kitchen Cabinet Organizer- Once I bought a filing cabinet these file holders kind of became useless for my desk, but they became GREAT for my kitchen! I use them both upright to hold foil, baking sheets, wax paper ect and laying on it's side to organize the lids of my tupperware! PS- you can make your own file holders out of cereal boxes EASY.

If you're a bit of a DIY girl (like me, winky), here are a few DIYs I've shared on Made-To-Travel that are all new uses for old things!

PicMonkey Collage

Top Row l-r: stocking to new lampshade //paper towel roll to chord organizer // old candles to new candles // Bottom Row l-r: pencil to nail dotting tool // packaging to ring holder // cd/dvd spindle to jewelry holder

And even though I have done all this upcycling there are still brilliant upcycling projects I have yet to tackle! Do you have any great new uses for old things!? PRETTY PLEASE tell me on twitter! I would love to add it to my list!

Thanks so much Steph for having me!!!

Jamillah lives in NYC and writes about ethical shopping and happy things on Made-to-Travel. From fair trade, to eco-friendly, to thrifting-- she is passionate about showing there's plenty of opportunity to shop for a better world and every single person can do it! Find Made-To Travel on Bloglovin / Pinterest / Twitter / Email: made-to-travel(at)
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