Thursday, September 18, 2014

Listen :: Weird Al's Parody of "Blurred Lines" (Guest Post)

Hey, do you remember that awful and misogynistic song that Robin Thicke released last summer?

Yeah, me too.

What annoyed me the most about it, was how everyone lost their damn mind for a catchy tune. Every person I talked to was like, "Yeah, half naked models and disgusting talk about raping women being totally ok as if consent could ever be a blurred line...BUT SO CATCHY!"

Totally grossed me out.

I was super annoyed that the beat for "Blurred Lines" was just an appropriated Marvin Gaye beat. Because 1. Stealing and 2. Marvin Gaye knows how to talk about sex AND consent AND respect and 3. Why not just dance to a BETTER song anyway? But no one would listen. Still, there is the form of Weird Al!

Thank heavens for a man with a sense of humor and respect who is using that same catchy beat to talk about how annoying it is that no one can get their grammar right...and how we see that now, everywhere, with social media. Don't mind the split infinitive at the end of the video. Instead, turn the volume up and get your dance on to an APPROPRIATE song that doesn't disrespect women and has that some catchy beat everyone seems to love!

Fenna Blue is a NEOhio native. She's an avid geocacher and photographer. Her favorite pastimes are snuggling with her fluffy kitties and cussing like a sailor! She writes for her personal blog, The Honest Badger, and TV review blog, Gotta Watch It.

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