Monday, September 15, 2014

Lookbook :: Summer 2014

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_1.png

Baby Shower 1 | Nature Center 1

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_2.png

Nature Center 2 | Eastern Market

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_3.png

Belle Isle | Vanity Fair

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_4.png

Baby Shower 2 | Old Nikes

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_5.png

Best Leggings Ever | Non-Maternity Dress

 photo edit_maternity_style_loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_stephanie_shar_6.png

Double Rainbow | Griffith Park

At the end of each season, I compile all of my outfits from the past few months into one post. Not only do I like seeing how my personal style has evolved, but I love looking back on the good times! I don't know about you, but I believe that something as simple as a piece of clothing can evoke a wonderful memory. I can peek through my closet and each hanger tells a story.

The sad thing is, I've been thinking about nixing outfit posts from the blog altogether. It's actually an idea I've been struggling with for awhile now. Would you miss them if I stopped? I think I'm going to do another reader survey soon, since it's been almost a year. Until then, we'll just see where life takes me, as my blogs are a reflection of my life. And taking some time off will be the perfect opportunity to prioritize!

PS: You can see my last lookbook post here.
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