Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lacquer :: 50 Cent Nail Polish (Guest Post)

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Recently, I was in the grocery store and there was some nail polish on deep sale, just FIFTY CENTS per bottle! I'm not actually one for wearing nail polish, but this seemed like a good deal and I was inspired by Steph's use of nail polish that she's posted here on this very same blog. (Yep, I was following friends.)

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Originally, I bought a matte lavender and a glossy hot pink. I was so impressed with the coverage that I bought two more bottles later, metallic blue and matte mint green. Oh man, so awesome! The polish covered in two coats and lasted as long as I could keep from biting my nails, which is about two weeks. I've seen the polish in other stores, not for quite as cheap, but still really affordable. So yeah, just giving you a heads up that this polish covers well for being so cheap!

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